Beyond Black Belt Syllabus

Systematic, rotational Syllabus for Black Belts
Hall's Taekwondo prides itself in a special Beyond Black Belt Syllabus developed by Masters who are committed to continuous Taekwondo Training supporting life values and activities. This Syllabus is the formula to Black Belt Excellence and the first of its kind, world-wide.

It is a full colour 180 page complete curriculum from 1st Poom / Dan to 5th Dan authored by Jeanette and Martin Hall, supported by a strong team of Hall’s Taekwondo Instructors.

**BEYOND BLACK BELT SYLLABUS** IS EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS OF HALL'S TAEKWONDO ONLY. 24 hours after we receive your online purchase, we will contact you to verify your Hall's Taekwondo Membership Information including rank, member number, age and centre you train at.


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